Okay, lets talk pot.  As of January 1, 2014, Colorado residents, 21 and older, can now buy marijuana for recreational purposes.  And as great as this is for our state, we must remember that Colorado has not become a Cheech & Chong movie – there are rules that apply and laws that must be followed in order to keep you out of the pokey. 

FACT 1: You MUST be 21 years or older to buy and smoke pot.

This is a big one because all of you freshman and sophomore CU students were I am sure gleeful at the prospect of buying and smoking without consequences (aside from parental consequences I suppose).  And though the city of Denver has decriminalized pot for people between the ages of 18 -21 (meaning no more jail time and only fines for those individuals caught with an ounce of pot or less) the city of Boulder has not extended the same courtesy.

FACT 2: Recreational marijuana MUST be purchased from a licensed retail marijuana store.

So no, you may not purchase pot on the street or even from your friends.  However, do feel free to share up to one ounce with others.  Just think of all the friends you will make.

FACT 3: No smoking pot out in in public!

Yes, you can now enjoy smoking without the fear of being arrested, but only if you do so in the privacy of your own home and other private property with the consent of the property owner. Careful when lighting up on that chair lift as some ski resorts are on federal property and under federal law pot is still a No No. 

FACT 4: Driving while high will cause you to get a DUID (Driving under the influence of drugs), which has the SAME terrible consequences of getting a DUI.

Just as it is legal to drink and drive so long as you are under a 0.05 BAC (which by the way is an unbelievably low blood alcohol level) it too is legal to smoke and drive so long as your active THC at the time of driving is 5 nanograms or less. And remember, long time users will have a much higher tolerance and therefore less active THC in their systems than you newbies so be careful about smoking and driving. 

FACT 5: Feel free to grow up to 6 plants of your own pot.

And finally – yes you can grow your own pot and save on the taxes. You are allowed up to 6 plants but your grow space must be enclosed and locked. 

Yes, this is a very exciting time in Colorado and it is so nice to see our state at the forefront of this movement.  But just remember, there are certain laws that still apply so enjoy the times and smoke responsibly.

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